Bible Verses

Bible Verses

Leon Sizemore has been my friend and FBI colleague for decades. We were on the Birmingham FBI SWAT team together and partnered on many arrests. He saved me from being bitten by a snake during SWAT training in the dense woods and tank dirt trails on  Marine Corps Base, Quantico. I knew that Leon had my back if I was ever again attacked by a rooster.

I admire Leon for many reasons, one being his genuine devotion to his Christian faith. He is a biblical scholar.

Leon’s sense of humor is ever present. He once invited me to a prayer breakfast during which everyone was asked to recite a Bible verse, going around the room. As I awaited my turn, I was dismayed to hear my choices being taken by others. I panicked and leaned into Leon for help. “Jesus wept,” he whispered.

Leon and I were sitting together and he spoke right before me. “Jesus wept,” he said, his mischievous smile widening. All eyes turned to me. I drew a blank.

Damn you Leon.



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